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Who Is Your Mentor? Who Are You Celebrating?

We are still looking at dedication, the secret of greatness. It was true in the life of Paul. It has always been true for all individuals in all of the world’s history who have left a mark upon their generation.

So, dedication is key to success at any level. But dedication to what? If you are dedicated to chemistry, you will become a chemist, right? So, it is very important to be very discerning when it comes to choosing your hero. In America, we a country that tend to 'worship' our celebrities – people who are famous for their money or talent. Again, whether in athletics, music or science, concentrated focus is the key that led these people to excel. And no one has a right to detract from that important fact.

However, in modeling one’s life after a celebrity or a hero, you must be sure of what you want to become, first and foremost. You want to be a great golfer? Then you may want to study Tiger Woods – his immense dedication to golf. If you want to become a great basket ball player, you may want to consider modeling after Michael Jordan for example. So, in choosing a hero, or in choosing the person we mentor, we have also chosen to become what or who they are. The end result of dedication is not merely an accomplishment, but a becoming. In wanting then to learn how to live a purposeful, worthy and accurate life, my goal certainly will not be to study some celebrity who does not have the faintest idea of what a purposeful, worthy and accurate life is all about.

Tell me who your celebrity is, and I could almost accurately predict what you will become in the years to come. Yet, how many people make this huge life decision everyday, not consciously, but by default? How many young people allow peers to influence their choice of a model or a mentor? Think of the amount of time that our youths spend each day of their formative years watching MTV and admiring celebrities in music or art. Yet we wonder that our nation is lacking in the number of young people going into the science or technology fields.

It is almost an inviolable truth that the chief secret of success is not merely talent or even genius, but persistent, concentrated focus in the direction of our dream. It is also true that we become what we are dedicated to. So, as we end this conversation, may I suggest we become consciously involved in choosing who we are learning under, who our celebrities are, or what we are devoting our life to? This is why, in the next posting, we shall go back to examining in close detail what Paul was dedicated to. Yes, I want to follow in the steps of someone like Paul, not merely because he was a distinguished apostle, but because he was a committed and celebrated follower of Jesus.